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Navigare Yachting is a worldwide leader in yacht renting industry with over 400 boats, yachts & catamarans positioned all over the world. Keeping that in mind together with a unique business case we made a whole management system from scratch.


Navigare Yachting


  • Research
  • UI – UX Design & Prototype
  • Software Development
  • Maintanence

Navigare Yachting is one of the world’s leading boat rental companies. In their fleet, which consists mainly of sailboats and catamarans, they have more than 400 vessels positioned in bases around the world, ie in 7 countries on 4 continents. During the high season, more than 300 guest changes take place daily. As a company that is fully committed to guest satisfaction and safety, each vessel goes through a detailed technical maintenance process, where they take care of any malfunctions so that guests can be completely safe and go through a full & unique experience.

Also, the company is often not the owner of the vessel, but there are different models of the relationship between the actual owner of the vessel and the NY that provides charter services.

With the increased inflow of vessels in the fleet and more and more different business relationships, the existing software solution was not enough to fulfil all the needs for high-quality monitoring and business management.

Our Work

Research (3 months)

The first phase of the project included a detailed analysis of existing business processes and planning how these business processes can be made more efficient with innovative software solutions. The client decided on agile development due to the nature of the business and flexibility in finding quality solutions during development.

Prototyping, UX design (1 month)

The next phase was a short prototyping and UX design, to make the client more aware of what the system will look like in the end, and to determine through the prototype whether the solution will cover all the needs of the client, in all business situations.

Development (9 months)

Development was started, which lasted 9 months in the first phase. The following technologies were used:
– Backend – Laravel / PHP, MySQL, Redis
– Web App Frontend – Javascript / Vue.js
– Mobile App – Flutter

Many innovative solutions have been developed that have greatly changed the way the company operates and simplified certain business processes, which until then required a lot of manual, non-automated work.

Support and further development

The development of such a demanding and complex system usually never ends. Sometimes the key to the success of a software solution is flexibility in making changes after the system is in production. Poor architecture and quality of the software solution can greatly complicate later changes, which creates frustration for product owners. We always strive to create a flexible software solution that is maximally open to change, integration with other systems and easy data exchange.


Navigare Central Yachts Management System is a comprehensive system that combines different components for different aspects of business, which are united by a smart architecture.

The system integrates vessel monitoring on all bases and each maintenance is recorded in the system, together with the technician who performed the maintenance, and the maintenance history is available in digital form to the vessel owner if the owner is not NY.

We have developed a mobile app for check-in and check-out of guests that has completely replaced paper checklists. The technician goes through all the elements of the vessel through the application and records if there is a malfunction or damage, which automatically creates a maintenance work order. The guest signs the checklist with a digital signature.