Pitchboard is an influencer sourcing service made for everyone


PitchBoard was founded by a team of digital marketers with decades of experience delivering engaging promotional campaigns for some of the world’s largest and most innovative brands.


Pitchboard Media Inc.

  • Research
  • UI – UX Design
  • Long-term development and support


It is estimated the influencer marketing market will grow to $16 billion by the year 2023. With our US and UK partners, with whom we already successfully launched and sold another marketing platform called PostJoint, we started the endeavor of building the best influencer marketing platform out there. A new company was formed and the journey could begin.

We knew this:

– Brands and agencies find searching through large databases of influencers tedious and time-consuming
– Current competitors were often human-based (old-school agencies or databases) or not suited well to today’s needs
– There is a 30% CAGR rate
– It was predicted there will be around 76k agencies in the US by 2021

Our Work

Research (6 months)

One of our early investors was NeoReach, a well-established influencer marketing platform that recognized the potential of the technical and UX breakthrough we wanted to achieve. The main point and unique concept were to eliminate tedious searching through long lists of influencers and make it all much simpler and more effective. We understood that the solution was to use AI to automatically match brands and influencers based on their needs and audience – when matched, influencers send a “pitch” to the brand stating their desired compensation.

Development (18 months and counting)

Using different kinds of technologies and programming languages, we built a state of the art platform that covers all the aspects of doing a successful influencer marketing campaign, including:

– Predictive intelligence – Estimating the results of your planned campaign (AI-based)
– Sourcing relevant influencers using state of the art AI
– Presenting detailed analysis of each influencer for effective decision making
– Fraud detection
– Managing a big amount of influencers within a campaign
– Dealing with global payments and payouts system, including escrow until the work is done
– Supporting Instagram and YouTube (TikTok soon to come)

Neuhape built the whole platform from scratch, including the responsive front-end and the backend. Different kinds of technologies were used, including Laravel, Symfony, NodeJS, Go, Javascript/TypeScript, MariaDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Python, etc.


PitchBoard was launched in 2020 and has already gained a lot of traction, with 1000+ influencers signed up to receive the best campaign opportunities, and numerous campaigns being currently run through the platform.


PitchBoard was successfully launched and gained serious traction in a couple of months after the launch. The company received a $200k seed investment and currently negotiating for a multi-million-dollar Series A investment. More than 10 campaigns have been launched and finished using the platform by well-established brands like TikTok, Clash, and Blue Apron.

The platform is featured by Influencer Marketing Hub, the leading source for everything related to social media, which said:

“The platform uses high-end AI technology to automate background tasks like profiling influencer audiences, understanding psychological traits, and measuring engagement data. All brands have to do is explain their goals and target audience through a simple campaign creation form.”

The technology behind the platform proved to fully support the business needs and is being actively maintained and developed to successfully grow the platform to become a key player in the influencer marketing industry.